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  1. heyy , :( im having a breakdown.. and im in REALLY bad shape.. i have no more phone, broke it , in case u call - or write.. or what not.. just wanted to say wussup & if i never speak to u again know 1 thing.. esti o fata superba :* b good

  2. 2007 New Electro/House/Trance/DnB/Breakbeat..

    <_< ugh , "dude" , in THAT thread their talking about house/tech/electr/ in general.. i just wanna find out what new releases there are.. and even if it DID exist what difference does it make? if ppl dont wanna reply then they dont .. point blank
  3. This is where you put down anything and everything that came out up until now under these generes.. Electro House Trance DnB Breakbeat .. anything and everything cool. You dont have to beat yourself to find out what came out . just post what you're listening to thats new ... NO CHEAP MUSIC ALLOWED have fun