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  1. Leo has been added as a participant for tomorrow's Hand in Hand Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Hand-in-Hand-A-Benefit-for-Hurricane-Relief-Announces-New-Celebrity-Supporters-and-Partners-For-Telethon-1001999077
  2. Emma Blanchard, writer for Vmagazine. Made out with Scott Disick this summer.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

  4. Isabellé @strawhatgang Leonardo DiCaprio just came to my job and wow he is so beautiful!! And he loved my juice i made it for him with love lmaooooooo Isabellé @strawhatgang Im dead ass staring at leonardo dicaprio rn god what is life , my managers telling me to calm down but i cant Potter @Picasso_nyc Replying to @strawhatgang Jesus Christ this is Iconic Isabellé @strawhatgang I was fan girling way too bad Isabellé @strawhatgang Bout to ask him how he feels about the Titanic lmaooooooooo Isabellé @strawhatgang Replying to @strawhatgang Gonna ask if he thinks Jack could have made it on that piece of wood
  5. Today in Laduree Soho Restaurant
  6. Video of Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas outside Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood (9/5): https://scanpix.no/spWebApp/preview/video/tc2fa0f8 Video of Leonardo DiCaprio walks with friends during Fashion Week in NYC (9/8): https://scanpix.no/spWebApp/preview/video/tc316b45 Video of Leonardo Dicaprio and Lorena Rae Spotted Leaving Up and Down Nightclub Together after Dating Rumors (9/8): https://scanpix.no/spWebApp/preview/video/tc318fea
  7. Leo attended Rihanna's after party