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Rafael Nadal

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Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, receives the 2012 'Man of the Year' award by Vanity Fair Magazine, at the Italian Embassy in Madrid.

Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_IH.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_y7.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_GE.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_f_Y.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_uw.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_IQ.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_Hz.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_q2.jpg Rafael_Nadal_one_greatest_tennis_players_time_VD.jpg

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